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After months of work, our latest episode of English Weirdness, a very special Halloween episode, is now playing on Youtube.

I am especially proud of everyone who helped make this video possible, and it was far from easy. We faced a gruelling shoot, and a long and challenging post-production. Now, our goal is to introduce ENGLISH WEIRDNESS to new viewers everywhere.

So, please SHARE this video. “Likes’ are nice, but they don’t get our videos in front of eyeballs, and there are millions of English learners in the world who might enjoy our series if they only knew about it. Please help us Spread The Weirdness. Share the Youtube link, this website link, or anything you can to let others know about our series.

In case you’re wondering–this isn’t about making money; it’s about sharing my love of crazy and weird English with others who can learn from it. Enjoy the new video everyone.

And happy Halloween!


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Sakata Students Meet Aya and Guilherme

In our most recent ENGLISH WEIRDNESS video, a multi-cultural couple, Gui and Aya, confuse each other with their weird article usage. Several people have commented that the acting in this scene was very good, that the performers really seemed to be a bickering couple.

The truth is, these performers had never met each other before the day we shot that scene. The result is a testament to the great performances by both Guilherme Cariani and Aya Hioki, and the coaching they received from Felipe Cesarini, our performance advisor.

Last night, in our latest online class with Sakata Minami high school in Japan, the students had a chance to review the grammar analyzed in this episode, as well as interview both Guilherme and Aya about their experiences learning English and studying in Canada.

As usual, the students had interesting and challenging questions for me, and made me think carefully several times. I love their curiosity and dedication to figuring out even the most complex English language issues. Good job!


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