One of the challenges with English Weirdness is that it is a long-from series that requires many people to produce and months of work. As a result, our beloved viewers get nothing to watch in between episode releases.

Therefore, I have decided to bridge the gap between episodes of Weirdness with several short-form series that I can produce on my own, and in a much shorter time.

The first one was last year’s FIVE-MINUTE MYSTERIES. There will soon be more episodes of this available. Now, I am releasing the first episode of ENGLISH CONFIDENTIAL.

In this series, I’ll give you the straight-up secret truth about English expressions that most people, including native speakers use incorrectly.

Stay tuned. More episodes are on the way. Thanks for watching.


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Weirdness Across Canada!

Exciting news: I have signed an agreement with a Toronto company, Mcintyre Media, Inc, to become the sole distributor of the ENGLISH WEIRDNESS video series across Canada. Mcintyre is a well-established media company that licenses video content to elementary, middle, and schools, universities, libraries, government institutions, and other venues, across the country. If you’ve used any learning platform and seen a video on it, chances are good that platform licensed it from Mcintyre.

What this all means is that a new audience of language learners will now have access to the Weirdness videos, and our unique style of English language learning. Whereas our previous marketing campaigns had focused on bringing Weirdness to learners outside of Canada (and will continue to do so), the partnership with Mcintyre will allow Weirdness to be seen by countless new learners, including young students who permanently live within Canada, but for whom English is their 2nd language.

This is exciting because it all means that more learners will see and hopefully enjoy, the English Weirdness series that myself and the Weirdos team have worked so hard on for the past 2.5 years. As the video become integrated with various platforms, I will update you on their whereabouts. in the meantime, if you haven’t seen it yet, take a look at your most recent episode, #8.

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