Sakata Students Meet Diego

This past week, we held another online class with the keen students from Sakata Minami High School in Yamagata, Japan. As always, the all-girl class impressed us with their interesting questions and curious thoughts. In fact, they even had me ‘on the ropes’ for a moment when one of them asked me a tough question I wasn’t sure at first how to answer. These, in fact, are my favorite type of questions, so…well done girls!

Having watched English Weirdness, episode 2, the girls were eager to interview the star of that video, Diego Molina. Wearing a longer beard than he sported in the video, I think he surprised the girls, who nonetheless seemed to enjoy meeting him. Diego told them about his experience as an international student, coming from Venezuela to Canada five years ago. He has since made Vancouver his home, and even married a Canadian.

There were some guests online with us too. Apparently, over 30 educators from around Yamagata prefecture were in attendance to see what this Global Skills program is all about, and perhaps too, who this weird Canadian English Instructor is. By all accounts they were impressed with our project and have taken an interest. Who knows? Maybe they will join our little revolution in English education in Japan, and help us Spread the Weirdness.

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Paul Duke

English instructor, writer, filmmaker and creator of the English Weirdness video project. Lives in Vancouver, Canada.

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