About Paul Duke

English instructor, writer, filmmaker and creator of the English Weirdness video project. Lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Weird News and Other Stuff

It has been a long time since I posted last. 2020 kept me extremely busy shifting my work online, and 2021 has continued this. In February, 2020, we shot the final episodes of English Weirdness, # 9 & 10. ( was released that spring, but 10 has been delayed ever

Hard-Boiled News, Live Shows, and Upcoming Weirdness

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One of the challenges with English Weirdness is that it is a long-from series that requires many people to produce and months of work. As a result, our beloved viewers get nothing to watch in between episode releases. Therefore, I have decided to bridge the gap between episodes of Weirdness

Weirdness Across Canada!

Exciting news: I have signed an agreement with a Toronto company, Mcintyre Media, Inc, to become the sole distributor of the ENGLISH WEIRDNESS video series across Canada. Mcintyre is a well-established media company that licenses video content to elementary, middle, and schools, universities, libraries, government institutions, and other venues, across

Teacher Paul on The James Rice Show!

I recently had the honour of being interviewed on not one, but two podcasts. The first one, The James Rice Show is now available. Mr. Rice’s show focuses on all things education, with a particular lean toward English language learning. It is available on Spotify, Spreaker, iTunes, and GooglePodcasts.

ENGLISH WEIRDNESS, episode 8 is now showing

Teacher Paul’s 4-CONDITIONALS ChartDownload Episode 8 of English Weirdness, entitled, TOSHI-SAN VS. THE REAL (AND UNREAL) DEAL” is now showing on Youtube. This episode investigates the confusing aspects of conditionals usage in English grammar. Included in the explanation is a chart displaying the 4 basic conditional grammar forms. Below, you

Episode 7 Now Showing!

That’s the most unusual and engaging approach to teaching English that I’ve ever seen))) thank you so much for your creativity !!!!! -Larisa P. , Educator, Ukraine. Originally shot in the summer of 2019, episode & certainly took some time to get to its fans. We’ve had delays and challenges,

Teacher Paul Visits Yamagata

I’ve just returned from a most amazing trip to Japan. I visit usually once a year, to visit my wife’s family, and my friends there, sightsee, and enjoy the great hospitality of Japan. This trip however, also included something I’ve never done before. It took a lot of planning, but


In the late winter of 2018, Uriel, Tomoko and I made our first video together, a little sample of my teaching style, intended to promote my online tutoring service. Shortly after making it though, we saw its potential as an educational series, and set about building on it. ENGLISH WEIRDNESS

Now Playing: Halloween Weirdness

After months of work, our latest episode of English Weirdness, a very special Halloween episode, is now playing on Youtube. I am especially proud of everyone who helped make this video possible, and it was far from easy. We faced a gruelling shoot, and a long and challenging post-production. Now,
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