What Drives You Bananas?

What part of English gives you headaches? What grammar still confuses you? What irregularity drives you bananas?

I’m planning new episodes and new seasons of English Weirdness and want your help. I want to address features of the English language that you guys want to learn about. So, tell me what grammar or usage confuses you, and your idea might become the focus of an upcoming episode of English Weirdness.

Use the CONTACT FORM on the sidebar to the right, or the COMMENT BOX below to share with me the grammar weirdness that baffles and confuses you. I’ll do my best to address it in an episode of the video series, or at least in a future blog posting.


The Weirdness is spreading…but we need your help

Welcome to the new home of all things English Weirdness. Since it has become clear that EW is now its own ‘thing,’ I felt it deserved its own website. So, here it is. On these pages you will find information about EW and the people involved in it, news about recent EW goings-on, merchandise, and, best of all, every one of the EW videos, all in one place. Enjoy, and please comment or contact me if you have any ideas or suggestions.

Weirdness is made entirely with student and teacher volunteers. And recently, over a gruelling three days of weekend, the team and I shot two brand new episodes. I was moved and impressed by the tireless efforts of everyone who helped. From the performers to the crew, everyone worked around the clock to make this happen. Thank you for your dedication to the Weirdness, and for giving me your precious time.

As you may know, making these videos comes at a cost. It takes hundreds of hours and dollars to prepare, shoot, edit, and promote each one of them. Now, I’ll provide the hundreds of hours of work, but I need help with the rest. And, although our most recent fund-raising campaign raised enough money to cover the costs of these two episodes (thanks to everyone who contributed), to continue producing the series, we once again need help.

Please consider supporting this project. You can contribute any amount you like. You can use the “Donate” button on the website’s sidebar, or here:

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Alternatively, you can become an ongoing supporter or corporate sponsor and Producer of English Weirdness through Patreon.com

English Weirdness Comes to Japan!

It is with great excitement that I share this news. This past Wednesday, September 12 2018, in a live and online press conference coordinated with the local media in Japan, it was formally announced that my “English Weirdness” video series is to be used as part of a revolutionary English curriculum at Sakata Minami high school in Yamagata, Japan. Its dedicated and innovative principal, Ms. Hiroko Nakahara, has undertaken to provide us a sponsorship arrangement that will allow me to a full season of episodes over the next year.

This is all very exciting because it will provide the funding needed to make the videos, as well as increase our exposure to a new audience. Sakata school is located on the north west coast of Japan, an area not necessarily know for its innovation. Nakahara-sensei’s approach to running her school, however, certainly is. She wants nothing less than to revolutionize the Japanese education system and “save the children,” as she says. She believes the current state of education is failing to prepare the students for life in the context of a globalized Japan, and I tend to agree with her. It is my sincere wish that my English Weirdness series can not only shed some light on the strange aspects of English learning, but also demonstrate and model a new style of learning, one in which both teacher and student are participants in the analysis.

Stayed tuned for the next episode coming soon.