Episode 7 Now Showing!

That’s the most unusual and engaging approach to teaching English that I’ve ever seen))) thank you so much for your creativity !!!!!

-Larisa P. , Educator, Ukraine.

Originally shot in the summer of 2019, episode & certainly took some time to get to its fans. We’ve had delays and challenges, not the least has been my own ongoing commitments to teaching English in the classroom; I love it, but it does consume time I would otherwise devote to editing each episode. However, Larisa’s response cited above is any indication, however, it seems to have been worth the time it took.

This episode features outstanding performance by its two leads, Camila and Vivian. Both former students of mine who have since gone on to college, they hadn’t met each other in a long time when they came together to shoot this episode. I have to say though, that you wouldn’t know that from the intensity they brought to their characters. I don’t know how the rest of our shooting crew felt, but when these ‘besties’ cranked up the tension, the room got pretty icy.

Also a stand-out in this episode is Luis Arturo Aulestias Sosa, another former student who plays the boyfriend “L.A.” Luis isn’t actually the type of guy his character is, but he sure turned on the schmaltz like a pro! And, in case Luis seems familiar, it’s likely because you’ve seen his fantastic salsa orchestra, the Wasakaka All Stars, performing somewhere in Vancouver or elsewhere. If you haven’t go see them the next time they play.

Wasakaka All Stars Live!

Thanks for watching episode 7 everyone. Episode 8, 9, and 10 are on the way, so stay tuned, SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube channel, and keep spreading the Weirdness!


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