Paul Duke: writer-director

Paul is the creator of the English Weirdness series. A graduate of the University of British Columbia, and Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Kyoto, Japan, Paul is an English instructor, operating both in the classroom and online. He has helped thousands of students improve their English and learn how to work toward their goals and dreams, and is now developing the English Weirdness series as both an extension of his teaching and his life-long passion for film-making.

Meet Teacher Paul, your language detective

Uriel Alejandro Lopez de Lara Meneses: cinematographer, editor

Uriel is Guadalajara, Mexico’s gift to English Weirdness. He is the visionary eye behind the camera, the one responsible for the beautiful images seen in our videos. A student of Vancouver Film School, in addition to being a chief collaborator in the EW project, Uriel also writes, directs and edits his own films.

Tomoko Himeoka: production assistant, performer

Always eager to challenge herself, Tomoko was the very first of the Weirdness performers, volunteering to star in episode 1. Since then she has continued to be a valuable production assistant in a variety of capacities, from food running to camera assisting, from acting in cameo roles to costuming. A dancer and Psychology major at Langara College in Vancouver, the ever-busy Tomoko is also a key social media promoter of EW.

Hiroko Nakahara: associate producer

Nakahara-sensei is the principal of Sakata-Minami High School in Yamagata Japan and has been a supporter of EW from the first time she encountered it. Her school will be the first in the world to use the videos as part of their English language curriculum. Her backing and promotion have been a crucial early step in taking the Weirdness worldwide.

Samuel Chang Bravo: design consultant

Samuel Chang Bravo is a Venezuelan artist currently residing in Vancouver, BC. Chang Bravo specializes in illustration and character design while working on his personal projects on the side. He is also the creator of the Teacher Paul character featured in the videos. To see more of his art:

Nic Darwin: music contributor

Singer-songwriter Nic Darwin is a former student of Paul’s who makes music in Brazil. You can follow his music and performances here:

Fefo Cesarini is from São Paulo, Brazil. He studied acting in elementary school, Oficina dos Menestreis, and 4Act Performing Arts. Now he is studying at Vancouver Film School and dreaming about building a career around the world. He loves working with director Paul and believes strongly in the English Weirdness project. Fefo also loves singing and in his free time, watches series, League of Legends matches, and everything Eurovision.

Camilo Enrique Barragan Melendez

Before coming to Canada, Camilo studied electronic engineering at Sergio Aborboleda University in Colombia. Now a regular member of the Weirdness team, Camilo contributes as our on-set sound recordist, and camera assistant.

Guilherme Cariani

In addition to being the star of episode 4, and a supporting actor in episode 8, Guilherme has regularly contributed as a reliable production assistant capable of doing a wide range of supporting tasks.

Eduardo Rezende

An engineer from Brazil, Eduardo has been a steady contributor to our production crew-although you’d never know it from this photo!

Aaron Parker

Though you may know him as Bill the Manager from episode 4, Aaron is actually an accomplished English Instructor and school teacher who also contributes behind the scenes as script supervisor.

Aya Hioki

Born and raised in Nara, Japan, Aya travelled to Vancouver in 2014 to study at University of British Columbia. Graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Aya has pursued a career in higher education, valuing a safe and inclusive learning environment for students, especially international students just like herself. Aya co-starred in episode 4, and starred in the season-finale double episode 9 & 10 of English Weirdness.

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