Weird News and Other Stuff

It has been a long time since I posted last. 2020 kept me extremely busy shifting my work online, and 2021 has continued this. In February, 2020, we shot the final episodes of English Weirdness, # 9 & 10. ( was released that spring, but 10 has been delayed ever since due to this shift I had to make. Forced into quarantine, I had to build a home tutoring business to support myself while the English language school industry all but collapsed.

Despite these challenges, I managed to keep hacking away at the final edit for episode #10 and it will release soon.

As well, I launched the Hard-Boiled English LIVE weekly show, which has been streaming on Facebook and Youtube since September 2020 and introducing Teacher Paul and English Weirdness to new viewers. In June 2021, I launched the first weekly Conversation Cafe, which allows viewer and learners to meet with me and my co-host, Aya Hioki, in a weekly conversational Zoom chat.

Thanks for all your patience everyone. I assure you that there is more English Weirdness on the way, so stay tuned.

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